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Helping you achieve financial freedom is our goal


Unlike generic financial advisory firms, we strictly believe in offering specialized consultancy that helps people identify financial goals and suggests ways on how to achieve them. Just like the seven colors of the rainbow that can paint any mesmerizing scenery in the world, our expertise encompasses all the necessary elements of financial planning that leads to achievement of financial goals. Rather than being just a financial product distributor or a CFPCM practitioner, we are a complete financial advisory committed to helping you grow. Some of the distinguishing factors that make us unique include:

  • Goal-based Investment Advisory

    Instead of just prompting you to invest, we make you understand the importance of investing, link your current investment plan to real-life goals and help you chart a comprehensive plan that would help you in fulfilling all those goals. We believe that without a fixed goal, no one can succeed in life. Hence, our advice is meant only to help you achieve your personal financial goals

  • Customized & Handwritten Financial Plans

    Instead of offering standardized solutions and financial plans, we believe in making use of financial calculators to draft a customized plan that suits your risk profile, investment aptitude and financial goals. This not only ensures better projections but also gives you a clear picture of what exactly to expect if you stick to the investment plan.

  • Inflation-adjusted Corpus Definition

    Many amateurs make a mistake of forgetting to adjust investment returns for inflation impact. We help you identify inflation-adjusted corpus that you would require to achieve a goal at a future stage. This means your money will actually grow in wake of rising expenses instead of just notional growth on paper when you choose to invest with Vibgyor.

  • CFPCM Practitioner

    With one of the best teams of financial experts headed by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM Mr. Shaishav Shah, we provide the best advice that you can get when it comes to making a financial decision. Our founder has directly learned investment tactics from legendary financial coach Mr. Keyur Shah (+91 7021562191) and has personally implemented all these strategies himself in his personal financial planning. Shaishav advocates ONLY those practices which he has implemented himself.

  • Client-first Policy

    Unlike many investment product sellers who work towards earning brownie points, we at Vibgyor Finserv always keep client’s interest over other things. Instead of diluting the importance of ‘Client First’ strategies, we ensure our every step is towards helping you achieve your financial goals.

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