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“My association with Shaishav goes back to 2002, when we first met as colleagues in the IT industry and from then on our association has grown stronger by every passing year. Shaishav comes up as a “really nice & genuine human being” and after countless interactions & seeing him trough multiple situations, I believe this remains his single most important virtue.
No one can be genuinely concerned about your future and financial freedom without first being a genuine and good person at heart. This some as part of the default package with Shaishav. He practically pushed me into the habit of savings and financial planning, just as a friend back then as we were just colleagues. From then on he has come a long way being a HNI investor himself to transforming into a full time financial advisor with a sole aim to get basic financial discipline which most of us unfortunately lack. To that extent his advice is not just “words” but something he is practicing himself.
His absolute dedication and sincerity for this cause is evident from the fact that despite having all the knowledge and experience on his side, he still chose to do a formal CFP course, practically keeping aside his own running business. Now that is dedication and commitment.
I feel blessed to know Shaishav and pray from the bottom of my heart that lots and lots of individuals benefit from Shaishav’s advice. All the best my friend – may you help many to achieve their financial freedom”

Ashish Hastak

“I consider myself as lucky to have a financial advisor like Shaishav Shah. Professionally, he is competent, knowledgeable and has a holistic approach to financial planning. My first interaction with him regarding my investments was an eye-opening session for me. He understands goals of life of his clients and gives suitable financial planning. He being Certified Financial Planner, I have greater peace of mind, knowing that my financial needs are managed professionally and with care.”
I wish him all the best.

Shaunak R. Shah

“As an individual and like many others, I was worried about my financial health and wellbeing. Now no more of this, after I met Shaishav Shah.
To be honest, Finance, Money, Financial planning is one of my areas of interest and I do understand some of the things published in the pink newspapers. But this is dangerous as working with half knowledge is very risky and that too in a field like finance. I am not able to learn this subject due to constraints of time. To resolve my curiosity about my current financial status, I was on the lookout for a good and trustworthy certified financial planner or CFP as the generally are identified. Shaishav Shah was a natural choice, as being a college mate the trust and bonding was always there and then there is also a comfort level with old buddies. This is enhanced by the evergreen smile and a ray of hope which Shaishav brings with him.
With Shaishav Shah on my side as a certified financial planner, worries about my financial wellbeing are a thing of the past.
Shaishav is a rare breed of CFP who can do financial planning using a pen paper and calculator and not on any software or app.
Also what puts him in different orbit is his capacity to concentrate on the goals and gives a road map to achieve it irrespective of your income. He leaves it to the decision of the individual to prioritize and follow the road map based on his own financial constraints. Generally most of the CFPs whom I contacted ask the first question as “What is your income”, but this fellow goes the other way around.
I can go on like this but to conclude I like his tag line “Let’s Grow together”.
I wish Shaishav and his new Venture VIBGYOR FINSERVE grow from strength to strength in the coming years.”

Dhananjay Jadhav

“Shaishav is keen learner, orator and mentor. He sharply observes new trends in financial markets effectively and able to guide to a decision point with convincing logic. Thing I most appreciate is his ability to show you the mirror – the mistakes you make, emotional holding of investments or legacy. I was introduced to equity funds by him way back in 2003 that opened me up to the gains and significance of mutual funds. I invested regularly in MF since then and continuing. Later, when I was struggling with equity trading on my own for few years w/o any major gains, he introduced me to PMS. Having known him for years, I subscribed to his suggestions without much thought and I did not regret that despite falling markets in 2018.”

Tejas Trivedi

“Retiring Early was a dream that I have been savoring since the last 5 years , but I was not making much progress in direction. After interacting with Shaishav Shah and going through the Scientific process of breaking up your finances , putting down your expenses at length and planning to reach towards your financial goal I feel I will be finally able to achieve my dream of retiring or rather doing what I want to do my way at my time by achieving financial Independence . We in the Corporate world are so busy with our Careers that we do not pay attention to our Finances and forget that our money also needs to work as hard as we are working and we need to be loan free ASAP , I would strongly recommend Shaishav Bhai s guidance if you want to work towards Financial Independence and Achieve your financial goals.”

Stanley Coelho
Channel Manager

“I have taken help from Mr. Shaishav for basic financial planning. I found his suggestions very practical & useful. I strongly recommend him to be considered as professional financial planner.”


“I know Shaishav for more than 30 years.  He is a very practical and trustworthy person and has been successful in all the ventures he entered.  As a financial adviser he has helped me with my retirement planning and suggested some very useful changes that will help meeting my goals.  I wish him a great success in this venture.”

Nitin Panchal

Hearty congratulations on your new venture. I am sure with your dedication and systematic approach we all will benefit immensely. 
Speaking for myself I have always followed your advice for over 2 decades and have no regret so far. 
Going forward after you have equipped your self with CFP am sure we all will be multiplaying our wealth with close guidance and monitoring.
All the very best to you!!!

Ganesh Iyer

“Shaishav has changed my view on financial goals & how to go after them.
He has been instrumental in ensuring that not only I re-look at short term goals but also long term goals with actual facts with proper planning & taking utmost care on right returns in the end. The right anecdotes to the goals & follow up with meticulous plan is wonderful treat which one gets from Shaishav.
Its not one time event but journey with him which will surely help me in achieving my financial goals & lead happy, peaceful life .”

Sandeep Makwana

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