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Founder Profile

Shaishav Shah


Your Dependable Financial Wellness Planner


By academic qualification, Shaishav Shah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics & Telecom, but as a person, he is a born financial advisor. Having seen financial struggle early in his life, he understood the importance of financial discipline and investment on his own.

With more than 30 years of experience in corporate domain as a project management professional topped with entrepreneurial experience, Shaishav brings massive planning expertise and understands individualistic as well as organizational aspirations when it comes to financial planning.

After several hits and tries, he realized that the country lacks certified financial advisors and decided to pursue CFPCM under the mentorship of a decorated financial coach, Mr. Keyur Shah (+91 7021562191). Having understood the intricacies of goal-based financial planning, Shaishav started advising people about the importance of financial planning and is a successful CFP in the region.

In a short span of few months of becoming a CFPCM, he has helped many clients in realizing their financial goals and taking the right step towards a secure financial future.

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