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Vibgyor FinServ
Spreading Vibrance through Financial Enlightenment

“Life is all about the DECISIONS we make and the mentors we believe in.”

When it comes to financial decisions, people are quite casual in their approach. At Vibgyor FinServ, we believe in enlightening individuals about the importance of financial discipline by helping individual to identify their financial goals and achieve financial freedom.

Started by Shaishav Shah-a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM, Vibgyor FinServ believes in the incredible power of judicious investments for lifelong benefits.

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM certification is a mark of excellence granted to individuals (awarded by FPSB India under agreement with FPSB Ltd, USA) who meet the stringent standards of education, examination, experience and ethics. It is the most prestigious and internationally accepted Financial Planning qualification recognized and respected by the global financial community CFPCM Certification is the highest level of Certification worldwide in the field of Financial Planning.

Finding a dearth of experienced financial advisors and lack of financial discipline in India, Shaishav thought of understanding the intricacies of investment opportunities in India. Through his personal investment experience and the condition of others, he realized that Equity is the most Dependable Asset Class as an investment option. But without a good advisor, any investment is a sham investment. So, with the aim to give people sound financial advice, Vibgyor FinServ was conceptualized.


To bring a positive change in people’s lives and empower them in a way that they move closer to financial freedom by providing valuable and goal-oriented financial advisory services.


To create a world of financially liberated, contended and happy souls who understand the importance of acting today, for a better and comfortable tomorrow.

Over the years, Shaishav Shah has helped many friends, family members, individuals and clients in building a corpus and realize the value of investing prudently through his advice. With Vibgyor, Shaishav aims to achieve a greater level of success as a financial mentor and make Indian investors well-educated in terms of investment and financial matters. Driven by a clear and transparent approach, Team Vibgyor believes that the following core mantras should be followed for building a corpus:

  • Always be LOGICAL in your financial decisions instead of being EMOTIONAL
  • Always Adopt GOAL-based approach towards financial planning
  • Always aim for inflation adjusted corpus for every Financial Goal
  • Take a Hard Call Today, for a comfortable tomorrow!!!
  • Never invest on leveraging even if the returns are better
  • Always have 80% of your total investment portfolio in liquid instruments and 20% in non-liquid instruments like real estate/bullion/arts, etc.
  • Start early and leverage the golden principle of incremental SIPs

Do you know that starting early is the key to financial freedom?

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